Marketing Strategy

Building a full marketing strategy might be the most important marketing job for your business, brand, product or service. It includes marketing research, competition analysis, marketing surveys, raw data analysis, evaluation of potential, e-mail marketing, copywriting and many many more. A full marketing strategy ensures consistency, success and delivering of results.

Steps in the process

Being professional means offering you guidance during the entire process.

  • Understanding your needs and goals
  • Presenting several possible designs
  • Building your chosen design
  • Adjusting until it is perfect for you
  • Updating and support after the project is live

Marketing Research: Marketing research is an important component of a business strategy when it comes to launching new products and services or engaging with existing and potential customers. Marketing research helps marketers and businesses to understand the market situation, identify marketing opportunities or obstacles, assess actions, evaluate competitors, monitor performance and improve understanding of the target market. At Wild East Mountain we strive to prepare the most accurate marketing research using the best tools, methodologies and practices so that you can recognise and better understand your consumers and be a market leader.

Market Surveys: Market surveys can be conducted as part of the marketing research or on their own. Market surveys are used for the analysis of the market including examination and understanding of the customers. Speaking directly to your target audience helps your business understand what the customers’ buying potential, behaviors, attributes and inclinations are. Moreover it helps acknowledge the effects that the market, environment, peer pressure and other factors have on the consumer spending mechanisms. We will do the research and the analysis of the needs and consumer behaviors of your clients so that you can get to know them better.

Raw Data Analysis: Data analysis covers everything from reading the source methodology behind a data collection to creating a data visualisation of the statistic you have extracted. All the steps in-between include evaluating the data, deciphering variable descriptions, performing data quality checks, correcting spelling irregularities, reformatting the file layout to fit your needs, figuring out which statistic is best to describe the data, using the best formulas and methods to calculate the statistic you want and developing the most conclusive way to summarise the collected results.

E-mail Marketing: E-mail is a communication channel that has shown the highest return on investment but it’s still widely underestimated. We can provide you with the best end-to-end e-mail solutions to drive your sales and revenue. We will build rich in content informative email campaigns that suit both your B2B or B2C needs.

Copywriting: Whether it’s traditional, online or SEO, copywriting is an essential part of every marketing strategy. Good, high-quality writing can generate the desired attention to your business, products and services. Well-targeted marketing messages can also transform your customers into consumers and generate profit for your company. Our copywriting gurus are ready to compose captivating content and speak on your behalf to your clients through ads, articles, blogs, social media posts, press releases, and any other means of communication your company needs.

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Web Design

Website Design, Website Development, Building Content Management Systems, Support, SEO and Promotions, Hosting and Domains

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Graphic Design

Logo Design, Color Suggestions, Graphic Design of Various Materials - Brochures, Posters, Invitations, Banners and more, Support

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategies, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN and Youtube Management, Long-term Strategies and Management, Others

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Google Ads Management

Google Ads Strategy Building, Campaigns, Keywords, Ads, Maintenance, Analysis, Reporting, Results

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Video Creation

Script Writing, Video Capturing, Video Processing, Subtitles, Photo/Music Integration Voice Overs, Animations, Support, Others

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Marketing Strategies

Full Marketing Strategies, SWOT, Competitors and Marketing Analysis, E-mail Marketing, Surveys, Raw Data Analysis

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